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Mike McGirl signing

"Missouri families are still hurting, our businesses are still struggling, and our state is stuck in neutral.  We need a proven conservative leader in Jefferson City who has a history of getting things done.  I have spent the majority of my life serving the people, leading the way, and making progress for the citizens of our community.  I am running for re-election as your State Representative to continue that service and build upon that progress."

-- Mike McGirl



My name is Mike McGirl and I am a Republican candidate for re-election as State Representative for Missouri’s 118th District.
I’d like a moment of your time to tell you about myself and why I believe I am the best qualified candidate to continue serving you in Jefferson City.

I was raised in Old Mines, Missouri, by LeRoy & Rosie Paul. I attended high school in Potosi. For many years, after high school, I worked for Chrysler; when I was laid off, I was able to attend the College of the Ozarks, where I obtained my degree in Accounting, and then went on to become a Certified Public Accountant.  I own and operate a tax and accounting service in Potosi, and my team and I have served Washington and the surrounding counties for over 30 years.

My wife Diane and I have three daughters, who are graduates of Missouri colleges, as well as four grandchildren.  We are all active in our communities and churches.

As you may also know, I was the Collector of Revenue for Washington County for 24 years (March 1991-February 2015).  Every 4 years, the State would routinely audit my records, and every single one was clean. All such audits are available for review by contacting the State Auditor’s office. In my tenure, I worked hard to make the Collector’s office operate productively, and my education and experience enabled me to improve efficiency without sacrificing services.  I have worked to bring this same innovation and expertise to the 118th District seat.

But work experience and education are only part of the picture; you need to know where I stand before you can decide whether or not to lend me your support.  Below, let me explain why I think I continue to be the best candidate for your Representative.


As a member of the House Ways & Means, Mike has served the District since elected in 2018, and is now the Chairman, as well as serving on other committees. His voting record speaks for itself.  Visit Mike's House of Representatives page to see his voting record, committees memberships, and State contact information.

Mike McGirl MO State Representative

When our children thrive, so does our community, our workforce, and our economy.

I believe that education is the best route to a secure future for our children.  We must place our trust in parents and teachers, not bureaucrats, to protect our education systems and our children’s futures.  Without education, we have no hope of competing in a world where technology and innovation have become the rule, not the exception. To keep Missouri strong, we must invest in our kids.

But that does not mean embracing critical race theory or CRT. Instead I believe that history should be taught as it actually happened without changing it to fit a liberal agenda.

I will fight to ensure all Missouri children can access a quality education.  Our kids are counting on us.


Whether it's healthcare, taxes, or anything in between, we must ensure Missourians themselves, not politicians, are making their own decisions.

I pledge to value the wisdom and hard work of our Senior Citizens, and to advocate for our Military and First Responder Veterans.


There's a direct connection between low taxes, an educated workforce, and reliable infrastructure. 

As a business owner, I see first-hand the challenges that small businesses are facing today, and I know that we need less governmental interference and lower taxes to keep small business alive and growing.  Lower taxes are the key to maintaining the businesses we already have, as well as attracting new ones, to provide jobs for the people of our State. Furthermore, reducing taxes on everyone, not just businesses, will give all Missourians more money to spend as they choose.


I will continue to prioritize our tax dollars to keep Missouri Growing Strong.


 The sanctity of life is a sacred trust.  I am pro-life and I will always be an advocate for the unborn.


I believe that every citizen has the right to bear arms, and that right must not be infringed.  I will help defend the 2nd Amendment from those who would seek to destroy it.


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